Radiator Covers - Quotation Form

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Measure the overall height of your radiator from the top edge to the floor. Please add 50mm and type in box above.
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Measure the overall depth of your radiator from the wall to the front edge of radiator. Please add 45mm and type in box above.
Width (in mm):
Measure the overall length of your radiator from outside edge of each valve. Please add 65mm and type in box above.
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Note to Customer:

The top of radiator cabinet will overlap front and sides 25mm and raise total height by a further 25mm.
Radiators less than 900mm in length shall not have a central bar. Radiators taller than 770mm may require more than one grill. Access doorways to valves and skirting/pipework cut outs can be done for a small surcharge.
When decorating please ensure all faces and edges are sealed/painted including those that are not seen and tops are laid flat at all times.