Log Cabins

For today’s busy and active lifestyle, whether that be hobbies, sports, entertaining, running your own business or simply chilling in the garden, we could all use that little bit of extra space.

Finnlife log cabins offer a superb alternative to moving at a fraction of the price, allowing you to spill out into the garden and make the most from the space you already have. The quality of design and manufacture is second to none and yet they are surprisingly easy to build.

Here at last is your very own gymnasium and sauna, your barbecue and grill house, your quiet garden hideaway or party zone, your garage, your art studio or your office. Some of the larger cabins may even make a superb clubhouse in the right situation and subject to planning regulations.

Each cabin is a versatile space for you to let your imagination run free. Our uses are only suggestions – please do not be limited, the possibilities are endless.

Select from the following ranges:

Cabins 20m2 and over

Make a bold statement of independence with a cabin that’s as versatile as you are. For those with an above average sized garden, the deluxe range offers the ultimate opportunity to make the most of this outdoor living area. These cabins are spacious, high quality and functional giving every opportunity to fulfill your extended lives in the garden such as roomy studios, offices, sports clubs - whatever your imagination desires.

  • Helsinki
  • Kala & Ulos
  • Lovisa
  • Ikkuna
  • Pori
  • Helppo
  • Suoja
  • Joki
  • Teeri
  • Tupla 300/400/500
  • Uusi 300/400/500
  • Koppelo 210
  • Sarka 210

Cabins 10m2 - 20m2

Discover the potential of year-round outdoor living. Whatever the weather, these home offices, workshops, garages, gyms, garden rooms, summerhouses and saunas are proof that January can be as enjoyable as July.

  • Talo 210
  • Kesa
  • Seita
  • Kolkka
  • Tuleva
  • Lohi 210
  • Mokki 210
  • Kallis 210
  • Mirva 210
  • Riekko & Peili 210

Cabins 5m2 - 10m2

These are the go-anywhere cabins that slot into any secluded corner. They are the workshops, potting sheds, craft studios and summerhouses that make the most of a garden in which space is at a premium.

  • Ensi 210
  • Valo 210
  • Jarvi 210
  • Lampi 210
  • Aava 210

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