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 Wood Flooring Products

Wood Filler

Liberon Wood Filler is a ready to use, water based, multi-purpose filler for filling and repairing surface damage in wood. Quick drying, shrink and crack resistant, it is easily sanded and may be screwed and nailed. The low odour, easy to use Wood Filler is suitable for both interior and exterior use and may be stained, varnished, waxed or painted. Wood Filler is available in natural and a selection of wood shades. To obtain other shades Liberon Wood Fillers may be blended together.

Two Part Wood Filler

Liberon Two Part Wood Filler is made from a mix of wood flour and polyester resin to produce a hardwearing wood substitute. Used to reconstitute missing sections of wood in floors, tables and window frames etc., Liberon Two Part Wood Filler is fast curing and shrink resistant. It can be sanded, nailed and dyed once hardened. The high strength formula is resistant to water and is compatible with most finishing products. Ideal for use prior to painting.

Floor Wax

Liberon Floor Wax nourishes and beautifies new and reclaimed wooden floors, giving them a traditional soft natural sheen, whilst protecting them against daily wear and tear. It is non-sticky and buffs easily to a sheen. Liberon Floor Wax is also suitable for use on cork floors. Note: for best results use over Liberon Floor Sealer.

Floor Sealer

Liberon Floor Sealer is a natural, oil based finish for wood and parquet floors. It enhances the natural colour of new and old wood and is water, heat and alcohol resistant. Floor Sealer can be used alone to achieve a final satin to gloss finish, or as a sealer prior to waxing or varnishing with Liberon’s range of floor finishing products. It is also suitable for sealing unvarnished cork surfaces.

Floor Oil

Liberon Floor Oil is designed for use on all types of untreated real wood floors. Floor Oil gives a natural soft sheen, whilst enhancing the colour and grain of the timber. It provides a stain and scratch resistant finish and is micro porous to allow the wood to breath.