A beautiful home begins with a beautiful floor. It sets the tone for every room and provides a canvas for all your interior decorating ideas. Our selection of Solid Wood Flooring, Engineered and Laminate flooring caters for all tastes, styles and budgets.

Solid Wood Flooring combines highly fashionable with highly practical, not only does it add value to a property, but step on to any solid real hardwood flooring and you'll appreciate the warm and inviting tones and colour. As one of the world’s most versatile floor coverings not only do you get traditional beauty, timeless elegance, flexibility and durability, but also practical advantages such as lasting good looks, stain resistance, (including wine and food), it is warm to the touch, easy to clean, fully restorable, hygienic and dust free (especially good for allergy sufferers). Solid Wood Flooring allows you to create the ambience and mood to suit the design qualities of your home and its hard wearing qualities and range of styles make it perfect for any room in the house. The beauty of a wood floor lies in the fact that as fashions change, the effortless spatial effect of its simple, clean lines will remain in style. Hardwood flooring is the king of wood flooring for its enduring qualities and timeless appeal. Our hardwood flooring is available in many species including, White Oak, Cherry, Iroko, Maple, Walnut and Merbau. Available Prime Grade or Natural Grade, Unfinished or Lacquered, Oiled or Aged or both in various face widths – the choice again is incredible.

Engineered Flooring usually has an approximate 4mm surface layer of solid timber that can be sanded up to 5 times making it ideal for use in commercial or domestic situations. The increased stability of engineered flooring comes from its construction - a multiple-ply plank which counteracts twisting and remains flat and intact. This makes engineered hardwood flooring a better choice for installation over radiant heat sources, over concrete whether it's below grade or above, and in rainy climates. One of the advantages is that you can lay a floating floor directly onto concrete or timber sub-floors without the need to nail down, and many are now self-lock joints. Engineered flooring planks are generally tongue and grooved and end matched with usually 5 coats of UV acrylic lacquer (some are available oiled). Available single strip (Plank) or 3 strip and also suitable for use in conjunction with certain types of under-floor heating. Engineered Flooring combines a quality product and an affordable price with an extraordinary choice of species & finishes. 

Laminate Flooring is a hard surface flooring that incorporates a melamine wear layer, a print layer, a moisture resistant wood based inner core material, and a backing that are fused together to form a rectangular plank or squares with an interlocking tongue and groove system. Laminate floors are often beautiful replicas of real hardwood and ceramic tile patterns. In Clic style laminate the clever shapes of the tongue and groove click so tightly together that the join is virtually invisible. You don't need any glue either. Whether you are an expert or a DIY enthusiast, you couldn't work more quickly or cleanly. The joins ensure that no dirt can get in between panels and the surface is completely sealed from dirt and dust. It is extremely low maintenance and ideal for people with allergies. It will clean with a damp cloth, it is extremely difficult to stain, scratch and extremely wear resistant, heavy furniture doesn’t leave an indentation mark. Stylish glue-less laminate transforms any floor and is available in a variety of colour finishes, plain or textured finishes, some V grooved and textured – the choice is amazing.